Business Credit Solutions

Build credit and fund your business under your EIN, not your SSN.


What Is Business Credit?

Business credit is similar to personal credit. Unlike personal credit, business credit is linked to your business EIN number. Whereas, personal credit is linked to your SSN.

Why Do You Need Business Credit?

Business liability and debts will be moved in the name of the business.

 You will have access to more funding, which will result in business growth.

If you decide to sell your business, buyers will find it more valuable if it has established business credit.

Anyone inheriting or purchasing your business will get a business and not a burden. 


Our specialists will make sure you and your business are separate and you are not responsible for any losses your business might incur. Our Business Credit development limits your personal liabilities, helps your business grow faster, and increases the overall value of your business. 

Business Credit Building Package

The Business Credit Building Package combines the most advanced techniques for building business credit as quickly as possible. Our team leverages decades of experience to build your business credit on your behalf, so you can focus on building your business.

Our team starts by setting up Dun & Bradstreet, and verifying Experian and Equifax reporting data.  Then, through a strategic method of obtaining vendor, fleet, store and cash credit, we are able to expedite the process of building business credit scores over a 6 - 12 month process, without personal credit inquiries.

Upon graduation, our clients leverage their new business credit to secure up to $500,000 in funding for growth, and to limit personal liability, all while building business credibility.

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What Makes Our Business Credit Package So Valuable?

Typically, it takes a business 5+ years to build business credit high enough to start getting funding; however, we have narrowed it down to 6 - 12 months! In the first month, we will make sure that your business starts to get recognized. We will be contacting lenders, with whom we have an established relationship, on your behalf. When you go through our Business Credit development, we build your business credit for you and show you how we did it.

A personal business credit specialist will ensure the stability of your business credit. We provide you with weekly update/coaching calls to make sure we are doing everything we can to get you to where you want to be. We’ll remove your personal liabilities and debts, help you get more funding and increase the overall value of your business, while you focus on growing your business. Last but not least, building and having established business credit will help you receive more funding for your business! We guarantee helping you secure at least $50,000. 

Available Package

Lender Prep Portal



 ✔ 720 Fico Lifetime Access: ($600 annual value) includes complete credit repair and credit education.

✔ How to Harness the Power of Secured Cards and Auto Loans: (Includes Links to Best Secured Cards)

✔ How to Secure a $250,000 SBA Loan

✔ Proper Incorporation & Tax Savings Mastery

✔ The Power of Corporate Credit: Includes two video courses and 3 PDF's

✔ How to Build a Business Foundation in Compliance with Lenders

✔ How To Find a Credit Partner

✔ 13 Steps to Secure $1 Million in Venture Capital


Business Credit Package



 Personal Business Credit Specialist 

Business Credit Built For You By Experts (6 - 12 Mo. Process)

Weekly Update / Coaching Call

Merchant Account Setup Assistance

411 Listing Setup

Business Name And Address Verification 

 Setup Of DUNS Number With D&B

 Assistance In Attaining PAYDEX Score

 Business Experian And Equifax Setup and Verification 

 Setup Of Business Credit Score And Reporting Accounts Tracking

12 Months Unlimited Phone Support

 Access To Business Funding

 $50,000 Business Funding Guarantee


Business Credit Program Features

Limit Risk

Limit personal liability by converting personal debt into business debt.

Personal Assistant

Your personal Credit Specialist works on your behalf to build your Business Credit Score.

Easy Process

We do all the work, then schedule weekly-update coaching calls so you can relax, yet stay in control.   

Get Funding

As part of the credit building process, we'll secure access to capital for you in multiple stages.

Phone Support

Questions are bound to arise.  Our reps are happy to help via text or phone support with any of your business credit needs. 

Fast Solutions

Good personal credit takes years to develop, but we've got Business Credit nailed to an art.  Strong credit in as little as 6 months.

Work With Experts

Business Credit is complicated. Focus on your business, and leave the Business Credit work to us.    It's what we do.

Done right

No more late nights of Google research. Our team has decades of Business Credit experience, so you'll know it's done right. 

Take Control Now

Let our team of experts go to work for you. The best time to start building business credit was yesterday.